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When you’re genuinely excited about your business, it can be hard to imagine that there’s anybody out there who doesn’t want what you have to offer. Then when it’s time to get your message out, you want to tell everybody about it.

The reality of business is a bit different. Not everyone is your potential customer. Some people will simply never buy from you. It’s not because there’s anything wrong with what you’re offering. It’s just that what you have doesn’t fit their needs. You probably know that already, but does your marketing reflect that? Are you really talking to your potential customers?

Your marketing needs to be focused on the people who can really benefit from your goods or services. That means you need to have a good picture of who they are. But there’s a lot more involved in that picture than simply identifying them by location, age, sex, or income.

You need to be more specific. You need to understand what drives these people. What are their goals? What are their passions? What are the obstacles they’re facing that are keeping them from reaching their goals? This will give you a much more accurate picture of who your customers are.

Once you’ve identified who your ideal customer is, you can use that information to craft a clear and compelling marketing message—one that addresses your prospects wants, needs, problems, and frustrations—and moves him or her to action.

People today are tired of being bombarded by “marketing messages” that simply don’t offer them what they want or need. They simply won’t respond. And the fact of the matter is you don’t want to be trying to reach people who really aren’t the right prospects for your business. It will wear you out and use up your precious resources.

So when you talk to prospective customers, make sure you’re talking to the right people and make sure your message addresses the things they want to know. That’s one of the essentials to successful marketing today! Do you need an evaluation of your current marketing initiatives? Contact THYNKgroup for some additional guidance.

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