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Fall makes you think of back-to-school, football and crisp evenings. But it also should make you think of ways to pep up your sales with new fall marketing ideas.

10 fall marketing ideas to try now? Read on!

1) Freshen up your images.

Instagram is key for promoting your unique business or products. But the bar is high for images. Make sure that you are only using ones that paint your product in the best possible light. Consider lending a seasonal air to your product by staging it with some fabulous fall foliage.

2) Make over your online store.

Why not add a fall glimmer to your store by swapping out your regular colors for rich fall tones?

3) Use SEO to your advantage.

Do you sell products in fall themes or colors? Make sure you’ve updated all your tags to reflect that, so that your merchandise will show up in searches shoppers are making for fall-related items.

4) Link to a trend.

Cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and everything nice – that’s what shoppers are searching for! Did you notice the pumpkin explosion last year? It seemed that there was pumpkin EVERYTHING, from M&Ms to Oreos. Whether you sell coffee, candles, soaps, or even jewelry, highlight any products that link to the pumpkin craze. Promoting services? Paint a picture with fall related words when creating your copy.

5) Reach out to your target audience.

For example, are they moms? Do you have a product that screams indulgence? Moms whose kids have just gone back to school might be more interested than ever in some pampering.

6) Promote new year/new you.

Even though the “real” New Year doesn’t start until January, of course, there’s no denying that October can feel like a fresh start. Take advantage of this spirit to promote any product or service that can help your ideal customer undertake a new project, habit or look.

7) Sow the seeds for the upcoming holidays.

Fall can be the perfect time to “test market” certain items before the holiday crush begins. Try different pricing or promotions to see what resonates. If you are introducing a new product for the holidays, now might be the time to do a soft sell to see how your customers react. Wade into online advertising by testing some Facebook ads (We can help).

8) Upgrade your packaging.

Customers love to feel that they are getting a special gift in the mail. Take advantage of the wonderful colors and scents of the season to make each shipment feel like a gift in itself. Consider adding a spice packet to the box, or adorning it with fabulous fall leaves. Or take advantage of the fall “It’s time to get back to work” mentality when creating a personal follow-up note to your customers.

9) Launch, or relaunch, your blog.

With summer behind us and the holidays not yet here, this is the time to spend some time with your blog to refresh it and figure out how you can really use blogging to increase your sales. We’ve recently read a study by Social Media Examiner which found that more than 68 percent of marketers who were surveyed intend to increase the amount of blogging they do. Why? Because it works! Blogging helps your SEO and helps establish you as a leader in your industry. But more importantly, if done right, can become one of your key pillars that provides consistent inbound leads throughout every season.

10) Remember what you’re “thankful” for – your customers.

November is the perfect time to remind your cherished customers that you’re thankful for them. Touch base with a special offer that’s only for your customers, and also help them get a head start on their holiday shopping!

Ready to take advantage of this lull before the holidays to pump up your own fall marketing ideas? Contact us.

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