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Over the past few years, the ongoing dilemma for companies today is that so many of them are lacking in effective marketing tools and practices to grow their business. Because we live in a highly visual and digital society, businesses are in need of the most prominent tools for success: professional images and websites.

This especially applies to businesses in the industries below (who RELY on good images to sell quickly):

  • Home builders

  • Remodelers

  • Realtors/Agents

  • Contractors

  • Int/Ext Desginers

  • Landscape Designers

  • Home stagers

  • Hotels and Resorts

  • Apartments, Condos, Townhomes

  • …and any other architectural service company.

Here are KEY points to why all professional services/businesses need professional images and an online presence:

  1. Professional, magazine-quality images attract new clients and customers by showcasing your work effectively. You don’t want all of your hard work to lose it’s “thunder” due to low-resolution images; this includes smartphones and digital cameras. And because you don’t want to fade into the background against competitors, standing out requires magazine-quality images that grab the attention of those browsing customers.

  2. An online presence is also essential to marketing effectively in this digital society. A.K.A., if you don’t have a website or social media presence, you’ll either lose potential customers or limit who your customers are if you rely only on referrals, mutual connections, and traditional marketing.

Okay, so a website and/or social media presence is a given…

But what about professional images? What’s wrong with using your (new) smartphone or digital camera?

  • Digital cameras and smart phones have LIMITED FOCAL CAPABILITIES. They don’t capture what the human eye would see if they were standing in a room. A human eye has wide focal capabilities (peripheral vision), and so do professional camera’s lenses.

  • Professional “magazine-quality” images are processed in a specific way to capture the DETAILS of the space. The images look sharp and clean, just like you would see in a magazine. You can only imagine the wonders it will do for your business, especially if you provide architectural services (home building, int/ext designer, remodeler, realtor, etc.)

Share this with your friends and family who are business owners, because we care about helping local businesses grow and prosper…. and one of the most EFFECTIVE ways to do that is through great images and an online presence.

Hire a professional to help. THYNK about it.

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