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There are millions of photography apps available for editing. Cut through the junk and check out this collection of THYNKgroup‘s preferred photo apps.


VSCO stands for Visual Supply Company. Their app is free, which is awesome because it contains a wide variety of dynamic base level filters. In addition to the base filters, VSCO cam has its own market place where you can purchase other interesting filters from their online store. Even if you don’t want to purchase additional filters, it’s worth checking the market place every so often because they’ll occasionally give away freebies. If you feel that your current photography editing apps aren’t up to par, this one is worth the download. The interface of VSCO Cam is sharp, clean, and intuitive with easy connectivity to social media.

FX Photo Studio Pro

We’ll go on record endorsing that FX Photo Studio Pro is worth the money. This app contains an overwhelming number of awesome filters, light leaks, cool borders, and other editing options that you can use to enhance photography. It gears more towards in-depth photo editing, and there are far more features since it’s a paid app. Many people like to have multiple editing apps just for the sake of broader options.


One of the more recent photography apps we discovered, Fixel is a free app that effectively patches photographs. Reference the pic above to see what we mean – it’s really handy. Fixel’s patching technology is pretty impressive considering it’s ease of use!

There are loads of photo apps available, and it can become time consuming to figure out which are actually worthwhile. Often times you’ll find the functionality of photo apps to be redundant. To our knowledge, these are the best available for what they offer. Truth be told, even amongst the 3 listed above, there are many things we would tweak if possible. New apps for photos are coming out all the time. If you have any favorites that we might have missed, please let us know! We enjoy the discussion.

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